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Home remodeling in Wausau with drywall and wood framing

From the heart of your home to its foundation, a home remodel project takes care of every major aspect of your space and makes it fully functional again.

At Remodeling Journey, we’re bringing quality upgrades and remodels that elevate your lifestyle in ways you didn’t even dream possible. You’ll work with a reliable team that’s dedicated to improving your day-to-day life with a world-class remodel.

You’ll get the whole nine yards on your home remodel in Wausau and fall in love with your home once again!

Home remodeling in living space with lvp floor

A Home Remodeling In Wausau Like Never Seen Before

We work on every home like it’s our own. No matter the scope of the project, you’ll receive our maximum commitment so your new space looks exactly like what you envisioned. We go the extra mile to give you a unique remodel that turns into a memorable journey.

Here’s what makes us the best choice around here:

Time To Get Your High-Quality Home Remodel In Wausau!

At Remodeling Journey, we know that fulfilling your essential needs and desires is key to a successful remodeling project.

This means you’ll go through a seamless process where you’ll be in full control of everything happening in your home, you’ll get high-quality craftsmanship, and you’ll enjoy a team of talented tradesmen and women.

We’re all fixed on allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement of home remodeling in Wausau!

Our goal is to make your property more attractive and valuable for you and future buyers. Rest assured, your new home design will be timeless, reliable, and of the highest quality, so you can enjoy it for many years to come!

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What Your Neighbors Say About Home Remodeling With Us

We strive to help our clients envision and ultimately achieve their desired remodeling results. Many of your neighbors in Wausau have placed confidence in us for this critical aspect of their lives. For us, the best part is listening to how much they appreciate working with us!


Jill Palecek


Justin is a fabulous communicator and very professional. Justin is meticulous in his work and it shows! We are absolutely thrilled with our new floors and Justin’s work!


Patti Shirer


Justin has completed many jobs for us. He is extremely easy to work with, arrives exactly when he says he will, and does an excellent job start to finish. We trust him completely and will certainly use his services to complete both large and small projects in the future.

Types Of Remodels That Boost Your Home's Feel And Value

If you’re seeking to transform your home, you’ve come to the right place! We are equipped and experienced in tackling projects of all sizes – from installing a new roof altogether to merely sprucing up your bedroom. Whatever it may be, we have got you covered!

New Roof

The roof is a foundational element of any home: keeping the structure warm, and shielding your family from outdoor hazards. What do you do when signs of aging start to appear?

Keeping your home comfortable during scorching summer days or frigid winter temperatures can be arduous if your abode is not energy efficient. Moreover, rainwater may penetrate the attic and seep into the drywall and ceiling, resulting in considerable damage, plus birds nesting there will create an extra mess!

A new roof and an attic remodel are your best bet to eliminate these issues!

Roofing installation

Bedroom Remodel

Your bedroom should be both comforting and stylish – it’s your sanctuary, after all. To truly feel at ease in your own home, you need to decorate it with pieces that reflect who you are.

Revamp your room with a new coat of paint, floors matching your furniture, and well-designed lighting fixtures to make sure it looks as amazing as it feels. With these changes, you can be certain that your space will be cozy yet stunning.

Bedroom remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Here at Remodeling Journey, we understand the significance of your kitchen and its integral role in your family life. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we specialize in stunning kitchen remodels to make your space more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

If you’re a homeowner, investing in remodeling your kitchen is an excellent decision. Not only will it boost the value of your home with its fresh aesthetic, but it’ll also make everyday tasks much smoother and simpler to complete. You are deserving to have a practical yet gorgeous kitchen!

We offer a complete kitchen remodeling service in Wausau and surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to request a quote and see our craftsmanship for yourself!

Bathroom Remodel

Transforming a bathroom can feel like a daunting task, yet it is one of the essential spaces in your house. It should be an inviting oasis that appears polished and modern.

Streamline your mornings with a renewed shower or free-standing bathtub. While installing new flooring, you may discover deep plumbing problems and gain additional storage space to ensure everything is in its place.

Check out our bathroom remodel offer in Wausau and work with the best remodelers in town to get a pristine new bathroom that’s truly yours.

Bathroom remodel project in progress

Harness the potential of your basement and transform it from an overlooked space to one of the most functional areas in your home. With a shift in perspective, you can reclaim this dark cellar into something spectacular!

Transform your existing basement into a fully functional space with endless possibilities! Whether you’re short on living space or simply looking to add value to your home, creating an extra room in the basement could provide countless benefits.

Use it as an office, bedroom, gym—whatever suits your needs best! This would enhance the worth of your house and likely lead to greater contentment with life.

Basement remodel and waterproofing

Other Upgrades That Make Your Life Easier

You can improve your living space by making some common changes and upgrades, including:

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This Is What Successful Home Remodeling Projects In Wausau, WI, Look Like

We’ve had great success with hundreds of home remodeling projects in Wausau and the surrounding areas! Check out some pictures below to see how your project could turn out if you choose us!

Your Stress-free And Effortless Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling in Wausau generally requires time and energy to see through. But, with Remodeling Journey on your side, nothing is impossible. The process you’ll go through has been honed specifically to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

The owners of Remodeling Journey



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A basement finishing project with lumber pieces spread on the concrete subfloor



Sit back, relax, and witness your home being remodeled.
A living space with a gray couch, a wood table, and walls painted beige



After a final walkthrough, you can enjoy your new space!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a general guideline, it can take about 2 weeks to bring a powder room vision to life. 3-4 weeks for a complete hallway bath remodel with a tiled tub surround. 4-5 weeks for a complete bath remodel with a fully tiled shower, and 5-6 weeks for a high-end bathroom remodel.

Simple kitchen upgrades with new countertops and backsplash can be completed in as little as a week, whereas custom kitchens can take up to 12 weeks.

If your budget allows it, you can spend anywhere between $150k to $700k for a home remodel based on the size of your home, the end details, and how much you want to change.

For example, you could spend around $150k to $180k for a 350-square-foot bathroom and kitchen remodel. That includes new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, backsplash, tiles showers with custom glass surround, and more.

We can make the most out of any budget, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss the options available!

We partner with local, talented subcontractors vetted by Justin, the owner of Remodeling Journey, to complete your project. You can meet them beforehand so you’ll always know who you’re inviting inside your home. They’re all licensed and well accustomed to the building codes in Wausau, WI.

Justin will be your project manager overseeing everyone who works to bring your vision to life.

We offer a 5-year workmanship warranty to ensure our craftsmanship will stand the test of time. Once your home remodeling project is complete, Justin will check in periodically to ensure everything is in top shape.

Plus, we do on-site visits once per year to make sure your remodel is looking perfect.

Take Your Home's Comfort To The Next Level!

Home renovations don’t just vary in their outcome – they guarantee one thing, and that is increased comfort for you and your family.

Transforming your home with a renovated roof, bedrooms, basement remodeling, or new kitchen will make it more comforting than most homes. Home remodeling takes an ordinary house and makes it your home – a place that defines you and your loved ones.

With Remodeling Journey, you’ll get the best and most effective solutions for your home. Here’s what we promise when working with us:

Fall Back In Love With Your Home With A Quality Remodel

Justin, the owner of Remodeling Journey

Justin Pagel

If you’re finally ready give your home the upgrade it deserves, we make it easy to start! Give us a call at (715) 551-7328, and let’s discuss your upcoming home remodeling in Wausau, WI. Or request a free quote, and we’ll reach back as soon as possible.

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