Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations Becomes Remodeling Journey!

These last few weeks have been busier than ever. With all the hassle and bustle of our remodeling projects, we forgot to tell you about the big changes we’re making in our own home – sort of.

Your favorite remodeling company, Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations, becomes Remodeling Journey!

We’re stepping up our service and getting ready to deliver an increasingly better product for homeowners that want a quality and reliable remodeling crew.

A kitchen remodel with lvp flooring, quartz island, and white kitchen cabinets for kitchen remodel questions

What Changed

Several things changed, but mostly our image.

New Logo

Our old logo didn’t mean much, making us look more like carpenters than home renovators and remodelers. Changing it was a good idea, especially considering how it turned out.

The new logo represents a path that leads to a home – your new home. Hence our new name.

Old logo of Rust And Sawdust

New Company Name

Remodeling Journey is plain and simple. It’s your remodeling journey, the path from the logo that leads to your new home, the one you’ll be so proud of.

Rust and sawdust are often associated with a messy job rather than hard work. While the second part of our past name was valuable, we wanted something with a more profound meaning.

Our new name implies we’re making you part of this journey, and everything is tailored to your needs, preferences, and concerns. It’s a beautiful journey, and you’re the main hero.

New Website

Getting a better website was on our bucket list for a while, and we’re so happy we finally did it. We keep seeing dated, slow, and crumbled websites that are difficult to navigate. We hoped ours is not like that, but it wasn’t much better either.

Our new website focuses on two things:

New Remodeling Journey website

What Stayed The Same

We focused mainly on our image because we wanted to bring the same level of high-quality craft that you’re used to. Therefore, what truly defines us stays the same.

Our Core Values

What we believe in has remained the same throughout the years. In essence, this is what makes us who we are and what makes us strive.

Our Crew

We’ve always worked with an in-house crew that’s constantly invested in learning and developing new skills. We also vetted seasoned subcontractors when we needed to.

Our tradesmen rarely failed us, and when they did, we set things right as soon as possible.

Mistakes happen, but learning something from them is more important. We made plenty of mistakes in our starting days, which is why now, everything about our remodeling projects flow seamlessly, and homeowners like yourself enjoy every second of it!

Our Craftsmanship

Time and again, we’ve proved our superior craftsmanship can’t be compared with the average contractor in WI. Our work lasts for as long as it’s supposed to, looks nothing short of impressive, and is as reliable as can be.

We’re putting in the time to grow and deliver an ever increasingly better product, but we’ve done that since forever.

Updating kitchen cabinets in a large open space kitchen

Remodeling Journey - Now At Your Service

Just like homes, companies evolve and adapt based on people’s changing needs.
We’re proud of how far we took Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations, but when it’s time for a change, you can’t hold back.

Right now, Remodeling Journey is everything that Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations was, but better. We deliver the same premium quality services for homeowners in Wausau, Mosinee, Kronenwetter, and more of Central WI.

If your home is in dire need of a change as well, we’re experts in making it feel like yours again. Discover our new website and see how good we are in making things look better than ever before!