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Remodeling Journey has provided trustworthy and superior home remodeling services to Mosinee, WI residents from day one.

We offer remodeling services for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and bedroom. Our services include premium upgrades, superior craftsmanship, and a quick and effortless process. 

Our goal is to improve your life. Experience a complete home remodel in Mosinee and rediscover your love for your home!

A Home Remodeling In Mosinee Like Never Seen Before

Our company in Mosinee is known for providing excellent remodeling services from start to finish. We prioritize your needs and preferences to ensure that the final result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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Time To Get Your High-Quality Home Remodel In Mosinee!

At Remodeling Journey, we believe that listening attentively to your requirements and choices leads to a better comprehension of your project, allowing us to provide you with the final result you have envisioned.

We aim to give you a positive remodeling experience by being attentive and minimizing setbacks. We believe in transparency and communication throughout the process, so you will always be in control of your project.

Our objective is straightforward: to provide a durable and classic renovation that enhances the value of your property and makes it more appealing to your family or potential buyers.

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Homeowners Love Their New, Repaired Homes In Mosinee, WI

Many homeowners have achieved their remodeling goals with our help and have expressed their satisfaction with the end result. Please take a look at what our clients have said about their experience working with us.


Jill Palecek


Justin is a fabulous communicator and very professional. Justin is meticulous in his work and it shows! We are absolutely thrilled with our new floors and Justin’s work!


Patti Shirer


Justin has completed many jobs for us. He is extremely easy to work with, arrives exactly when he says he will, and does an excellent job start to finish. We trust him completely and will certainly use his services to complete both large and small projects in the future.

Types Of Remodels That Boost Your Home's Feel And Value

Our team specializes in a variety of home remodeling services that can resolve any problems your home may have. From roof replacements to bedroom renovations, we have the expertise to complete your project with precision.

New Roof

A roof is an essential part of a house that offers protection and comfort for your family. As time passes, your home’s energy efficiency may decrease, resulting in difficulty in regulating the temperature during extreme seasons. This indicates that you need to replace your roof.

To prevent any damage to your drywall and ceiling, it’s important to be aware that rainwater can seep into your attic. 

Additionally, the presence of bird nests can lead to messy and unsightly situations. Opting for a new roof and an attic remodel will help you effectively address these concerns.

Bedroom Remodel

When you remodel your bedrooms, you aim to enhance their comfort and appearance. The project aims to design a personalized and peaceful sanctuary according to your preferences and requirements.

If you apply a fresh coat of paint, replace the flooring, upgrade the furniture to a modern style, and install better lighting fixtures, your room will become aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable.

A bedroom being remodeled

Kitchen Remodel

Our expertise at Remodeling Journey lies in kitchen remodeling. We recognize the importance of these spaces in people’s homes and lives, and we take pleasure in working on such endeavors.

Remodeling your kitchen is a worthwhile investment for both cooking enthusiasts and non-cookers, as it offers a high return on investment and can greatly enhance the functionality and seamless feel of your kitchen.

We offer a complete kitchen remodeling service in Mosinee and surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to request a quote and see our craftsmanship for yourself!

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Bathroom Remodel

One of our top choices for remodeling projects is bathrooms. These areas are crucial and should be both pleasant and trendy. To enhance the usefulness of your bathroom and streamline your morning routine, consider replacing the outdated walk-in shower with a new one or adding a standalone bathtub.

Please note that if you upgrade the flooring, underlying plumbing issues may be revealed. Additionally, installing a new vanity or cabinets can provide more storage space and help keep things tidy.

Check out our bathroom remodel offer in Mosinee and request your free quote! You’ll get the best remodelers in town that’ll deliver you a pristine new bathroom that’s truly yours.

A large navy blue vanity for a bathroom remodel

Typically, basements are dimly lit and have high humidity levels which make them convenient for storing infrequently used items. However, this under-utilizes the potential of the basement.

If you remodel your basement, it can become a great extra living space that can be used as a new bedroom, office, or home gym. This will increase the value of your property and improve your lifestyle.

An empty basement being remodeled

Other Upgrades That Make Your Life Easier

Some of the most common upgrades and changes that can improve your living space include:

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Here are some examples of our successful home additions, renovations, and remodeling projects in Mosinee and nearby areas. This can give you an idea of how your own project can turn out!

Home Remodeling Is Now So Much Easier With Remodeling Journey!

Having a solid plan is crucial for a successful home remodel, as it can prevent unexpected problems. Our process is tailored for your comfort and convenience, so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

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Sit back, relax, and witness your home being remodeled.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of remodeling a home varies depending on factors such as the amount of work required, the type of rooms being remodeled, and the chosen finishes. A single room remodel may only cost as little as $20,000, while a larger home remodel of 2,000 square feet can cost over $300k to completely remodel.

Once we have discussed your project, we will provide you with a precise pricing quote. This will help you plan your budget and avoid any unexpected expenses.

Remodeling projects for small homes can be completed in a few weeks, but those for medium to larger homes typically require a few months to finish.

Remodeling Journey has an in-house team of skilled craftsmen and reliable trade partners who collaborate on all of our projects. My name is Justin, and as the owner, I will personally oversee your entire project to ensure it upholds the highest standards in the remodeling industry. Rest assured, your project is in capable hands with us. We’re all experts in the building codes in Mosinee, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest remodeling standard the industry has yet to offer!

We recommend that you move out during your home remodeling project if it includes plumbing and electrical changes, reconfiguration of interior walls, or working on multiple floors. The decision will also depend on the size and complexity of the project.

We offer a 5-year workmanship warranty to ensure our craftsmanship will stand the test of time. Once your home remodeling project is complete, Justin will check in periodically to ensure everything is in top shape.

Plus, we do on-site visits once per year to make sure your remodel is looking perfect.

Take Your Home's Comfort To The Next Level!

Although every home remodel has its own advantages, they all have one thing in common – they enhance the comfort of your home.

Whether you opt for a new roof, an extra bedroom, a renovated basement, or a revamped kitchen, the comfort level of your home will exceed that of most houses. This will provide you and your loved ones with the perfect environment to make cherished memories.

Remodeling Journey offers professional home solutions that are efficient and designed to meet your satisfaction. Working with us gets you:

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If you’re finally ready give your home the upgrade it deserves, we make it easy to start! Give us a call at (715) 551-7328, and let’s discuss your upcoming home remodeling in Mosinee, WI. Or request a free quote, and we’ll reach back as soon as possible.

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