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Full home remodeling, open space kitchen with kitchen island

Reimagine your living space with Remodeling Journey, where we specialize in blending sophistication and functionality throughout your entire home. Whether seeking minor updates or a comprehensive renovation, our team is poised to oversee every facet of home remodeling.

Experience innovation with our 5-year warranty and a design methodology that includes custom 3D renderings, enabling you to envision and personalize your home remodel to reflect your unique style and preferences.

Raising the Bar in Home Remodeling

At Remodeling Journey, we unite skill with meticulous attention to detail to forge living spaces that are as stunning as they are functional. Our pursuit of excellence is evident in every project, regardless of its scale.

Opting for our home remodeling services guarantees you:

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Our Home Remodeling Portfolio

Explore our gallery of finalized home remodels showcasing our commitment to aesthetics and quality. 

Delve into our accomplished projects below:

3D bathroom design

5-year workmanship warranty

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Customer Testimonials

Our clients’ testimonials mirror the high standards and professionalism that Remodeling Journey brings to every home remodel. 

Listen to their stories to grasp the effect of our endeavors:


BW Gunner

We feel the whole team respected the home’s unique design standards, worked hard to minimize the mess, stayed late or arrived early to get things done, and communicated clearly as often as possible.


Tammy Kemnetz

From our first meeting I could tell Justin saw my vision and heard my needs for my new kitchen space and bathroom. The communication never stopped.

Home Remodeling Costs in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Home remodeling expenses can significantly vary based on factors like the project’s scope, chosen materials, and the size of your space. 

Here’s an expectation of potential costs:

Room Cost Range
Bedroom $1,200 - $6,000
Living room $2,200 - $16,000
Garage $3,000 - $30,000
Bathroom $2,500 - $30,000
Basement $4,700 - $41,000
Kitchen $12,000 - $60,500

Please keep in mind these are estimates – costs vary. To receive your own personalized quote, contact Remodeling Journey today at
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Factors Influencing Home Remodeling Costs

Challenges such as demolition, electrical rewiring, plumbing modifications, and installations can affect the total cost. Home remodeling labor typically falls between $25 to $50 per square foot.

For instance:
Countertops: Laminate ($15 – $50 per sq. ft), Granite ($40 – $80), Quartz ($50 – $90)
Flooring: Vinyl ($2 – $10 per sq. ft), Tile ($10 – $30), Hardwood ($10 – $20)

The overall size of your home and the complexity of your design choices also play a role in determining the cost of remodeling.

Additional Costs:

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Streamlining Your Home Remodel for Ease and Efficiency

Understand how Remodeling Journey delivers exceptional value and efficiency, ensuring your project meets your budgetary and timeline expectations.


Acknowledging the critical role of budgeting in home remodeling, Remodeling Journey offers cost-effective solutions. Our competitive pricing ensures you receive unparalleled value and elegance without exceeding your financial limits.


Your time is precious to us at Remodeling Journey. Our commitment to timely project completion distinguishes us, all while ensuring the highest standards of quality. And, our 5-year warranty affirms lasting satisfaction.

Our Simplified Home Remodeling Process

The owners of Remodeling Journey



We start by grasping your vision and preferences.
bathroom building process



Our team meticulously carries out the remodeling process.
A double vanity with a tile backsplash and two round mirrors



We assure your newly remodeled home surpasses your expectations!

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FAQs about Home Remodeling in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The duration of a home remodel varies but is typically completed within a few weeks to several months, depending on the project’s complexity.
Consider your goals, budget, and the specific areas you want to remodel. It’s also important to think about the long-term impact on your home’s value.
In many cases, you can stay in your home during the remodel, though some projects may require temporary relocation.
The renovation process typically goes like this: demolition, initial construction work, drywall installation, and painting. We then move on to the finishing touches, which include flooring, cabinetry, trim molding, appliances, and electrical fixtures..

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