Best Tile Options For Your Bathroom Floor

Stylish bathroom with herringbone tile, ideal for bathroom flooring options.

Best Tile Options For Your Bathroom Floor Selecting the ideal tile for your bathroom floor can often seem like a daunting task. The perfect choice goes beyond aesthetics, encapsulating safety, durability, and ease of maintenance, all of which are crucial in a high-moisture environment like a bathroom. This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you […]

The Ultimate Guide To Moving Bathroom Plumbing: Everything You Need To Know

The Ultimate Guide To Moving Bathroom Plumbing Everything You Need To Know

Are you renovating your bathroom and puzzled about moving its plumbing? Moving bathroom plumbing is a project 85% of homeowners find intimidating. This comprehensive guide will unpack everything you need to know, from understanding various aspects of your plumbing system to real-world tips for avoiding common pitfalls. Ready to transform that daunting task into an […]

Small Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Space More Efficient

Small Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Space More Efficient

Is your half bathroom feeling cramped and inefficient? If so, you’re not alone – many homes struggle with this common issue. This blog post offers an array of creative and practical solutions to maximize the space in your small half bathroom. So, are you ready to transform that tiny space into a model of efficiency? […]

Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations Becomes Remodeling Journey!

Kitchen cabinet refacing project

These last few weeks have been busier than ever. With all the hassle and bustle of our remodeling projects, we forgot to tell you about the big changes we’re making in our own home – sort of. Your favorite remodeling company, Rust And Sawdust Home Renovations, becomes Remodeling Journey! We’re stepping up our service and […]

Is Drywall Ceiling In A Basement Any Good?

Drywall installation on ceiling

A common question we get asked:  Should I drywall my basement ceiling, or not?  Some people have concerns of water leaks from above, or that desire to have access to something like plumbing or electrical in the ceiling. But drywall ceiling, especially in a basement, will help you finish the space and make it more […]

Replacing Or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets – Which Is Better?

Kitchen cabinet refacing project

Scratches, grease, food stains, and paint chips are all signs that your kitchen cabinets have seen better days.  And if you’re ready to change the vibe of your space with a quick makeover, replacing or replacing kitchen cabinets might be your best bet. However, many people struggle with deciding between the two. If you’re in […]

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

An expensive bathroom with freestanding tub and LVP flooring

If you’ve decided it’s time to update that bathroom, but you don’t know the bathroom remodel cost in Central Wisconsin? We’ve got you covered! Remodeling Journey offers a fair and reasonably-priced bathroom remodeling cost, along with a complete service that revolves around you. Our goal is to see you fully satisfied with the end product, […]

5 Kitchen Remodel Questions – ANSWERED!

Kitchen remodeling progress and two hands picturing how it'll turn out

Thinking of a kitchen remodel? Is your brain spinning with information and you’re not sure where to begin? You’re not alone.  In fact, a lot of homeowners are on the fence about getting such a home improvement project started, and all of them have viable concerns and kitchen remodel questions that need answers. Here are […]

Should You Get a Shower Insert Or A Tiled Shower?

Installing a tiling shower

You’ve decided to update your shower, and now you’re stuck with choosing between a shower insert and a tiled shower.   We’re here to help weigh the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your home! What’s A Shower Insert A shower insert, or a prefabricated shower is usually made of fiberglass […]

Let’s Talk Your Workmanship Warranty

Warranty offered by Remodeling Journey

You’ve just had your kitchen, bathroom, or basement finished, and then, Wisconsin weather takes over. It goes from warm and humid, to cold and dry or vice versa. Needless to say, this can cause a lot of issues on the building materials in your house.  Cold weather means shrinking wood products, which can result in […]